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From the near vision of that certainty he fell back on suspense and vacillation with a sense of repose. The creaking of the uneven bars in gymnastics helps build the The longer the movie runs, the crazier it becomes, scenes of fine Hitchcockian The budding writers touched upon a wide spectrum of issues ranging from If anything, knowing the plot and the protagonists will heighten the He shoots in lush 35 mm for once, dollying his camera around at just the right moments and placing his lens at just the right length for maximum The thriller film's key characteristics are excitement and After his two ventures into the supernatural, M Night Shyamalan switches to extraterrestrials in a quiet, unshowy film that builds up a real head of He knew not what to say or do, but gazed in resourceless When he wants to be, he is a master of the macabre and a skilled technician of With respect to a leveraged ESOP in which the plan allocates the proceeds from the sale of the unallocated shares previously held in As Errol spirals into madness, his brother desperately tries to rescue him from himself in a story whose From the claustrophobic setting of an underwater oil rig to the potential nuclear meltdown each scene slowly tightens the screws of Award-winning author Jamie Cortland presents Skin Deep, a dark tale of The only use to which he could turn this time of horrible The families suffered a night of unbearable Finishing it, I knew it had to be the greatest When a horror series is not horrifying, the This is a thriller that cheekily defies the ground rule of keeping you in So we created a whole concept of visiting each other's mobile profiles, standing in line and trick-or-treating, creating Already sales of the book are going well and Kieran is confident that once again children will lap-up the air of mystery and There is a slow but rising undercurrent of Seven students at Al-Azhar couldn't stand the Dry humor and shades of grey distinguish this sharp-witted novel of razor's edge The moment he read it, he packed his knapsack, bade adieu to his fellow pedestrians, and was off to keep his promise, with a heart full of joy and sorrow, hope and Eight years later his 16th novel marked a change of genre, to I'm currently waiting for so much stuff, the Let me give you one instance of how Levin structures Still others simply enjoy Poe's unmatched style that conjures up remarkably horrid mental images and brings on a wonderfully grim The brief segments trying to generate thriller-type Kiarostami is on cutting duties again, and his edit makes for moments of punishing But the journey, which leads to the discovery of shards of ancient pottery and the bones of extinct sloths, makes for a story of great It's an artfully crafted French romantic comedy with just a touch of drama to keep the viewer slightly in For those of you who have been living in For his, for my own, but most for Leonora's sake, I wish that this cruel Sometimes it's the little things that happen or don't happen that heighten Most of the film is spent working very hard to build However, plans frequently fail to allocate their The turns and twists of the dialogue keep us on the tenterhooks of Technically it's presented as a question though the audience experiences no real Man has to feel his way most cautiously in the quaggy soil of ignorance, Well, this is the real world, not the world of action films and Child serves up wingding plots, pithy dialogue, extraordinary background on intriguing topics, and cunningly constructed All was silent on board the raker, not the silence of fear, but of Stainton has helmed Irwin's cable exploits for years, and he understands the inherent drama and Any known danger he could face with a firm lip, but this Superbly written with Deaver's signature twists, cliffhangers and misdirections, this is another gripping thriller from the king of Fairfield was no coward, but his nerves had begun to go under the strain of the But first, I will string you along with some largely unnecessary details presented in a rambling, discursive manner, so as to build From the near vision of that certainty he fell back on There's another 4 days left on that and the Then there had been the misery of terrible A black and white film, it forwent many of the traditional Hitchcockian devices of These acts, which range from trampoline performers to high wire funambulists, provide audience members with edge-of-your-seat excitement and pulse-pounding Still, as their winning streak drained the Greene's friend Mario Soldati, a Piedmontese novelist and film director, believed it had the makings of a Finally, he took a year's leave of absence, so great was his need to finish writing his first The operational failures were corrected by placing the excess contributions in a Next morning, however, this fever of fraternal The story line is telegraphed from word one and the meticulous unfolding plot plods ahead inexorably without the slightest bit of We are interested in transferring this funds that are presently floating and lying idle in a Both are put to the test here even more formidably than in the previous books, as a plot of nerve-tingling Close to Home is a the unabridged audiobook rendition of a tale of grisly With a rhyme-scheme of ABABCCAB, the A rhymes start the While his films had made Hitchcock's name strongly associated with Imogen stood for a moment in a sweet and ingenuous state of Now that everything had been done, that the last minute of Excellent historical flavor and details permeate a fast-paced historical The wages were paid into the bank on Monday but because the account was being closed, the money went into a The final pause at the threshold proved so long, that Hepzibah, unable to endure the The book has moments of great seriousness, and even some genuine A formulaic plot, predictable storyline, and a slow beginning hurt what in some places is a nice If you like well written and interesting The best service which I can now render you is to shorten the period of your It's amazing how a few simple tweaks of a standard talent show format can add intrigue, The certainty that each and every plan will be thwarted deflates any In plots about crime, thriller films focus less on the criminal or the detective and more on generating Then I went out, because I couldn't bear the Unfortunately the plot of the film tends at times to be almost giveaway, there is little But unfortunately, the film also tries to be a While it's a little talkier and more reliant on A letter, let it be ever so explanatory, will only leave them in I had a man's bluntness of perception, and I was half maddened by The mystery of these implicit questions heightens the novel's Yes, the movie goes for short-term thrills instead of building His voice-over is used very cleverly to increase I let out a heavy sigh and thought hard for a few seconds, unable to register anything except comic books and fiction A periodic sentence holds the meaning in The mixed metaphor is unfortunate, but his story line sounds promising and adds It was inhuman to go off to church, and leave a sinner in Most crucially, Happy Valley revolutionizes the connection between rape and Pending the money's use, it is held in a The drum roll lasted longer on this one and the A hard-working little chap, his days were filled with sharp Gary's writing goes between black comedy to poeticism to real thriller and While it's more a whydunnit than a whodunnit, it offers an atmosphere-heavy masterclass in Veering towards the all-action route that Resident Evil has suffered from, Dead Space 3 is still full of In either way, the certainty must be preferable to the Ana couldn't contain herself any longer, the Seeing that he had startled her, his natural kindness prompted him instantly to soften the reproof, and to end the Seems to me like the blindness is a McGuffin, just brought up to generate The tale begins at the climactic moment of the take-over, and somehow the His stories, which he conveyed with much Is it possible that there is an anti-feminist element buried in the nature of They mix with the crowd telling stories and dropping one-liners to kindle interest and build But those two identifications are still subjects of debate, a problem that adds to the A year of delay, between your death and your cousin's marriage, is a dangerously long time to leave the disposal of your fortune in There they remained even to her own mind, in a state of Much of the plot in bare-bones form would make a nifty Suddenly his hands tightened, and the leaf bud, watching him slyly, saw the last of Brian, the whole country is pivoting on what you might call a needle of It has all the elements necessary for drama, controversy, and Ngqwala said that detailed reconciliations of balances on In 2011, the voting order was determined by the results of a jury the day before the final so as to create as much For an hour after the decision was made in Singapore, the crowd in front of city hall was still waiting in The steamboat throbbed on its way through an interminable The odds are stacked against the villains from the outset, robbing the reader of much Helping himself without loss of time to the salmi, he ate away, like one whose appetite had suffered a sore trial from It is a slow-boiler of a film, an exercise in the Even though it's riddled with melodrama, this is still a high quality internal affairs A Pulmotor was put into immediate action, and another period of heartbreaking Vivian waited a full hour afterwards in tedious He dismounted, and sat down at the edge of the fountain, where he awaited the genius in terrible It's an action-packed piece, with all the The political undercurrent, as all films based on Clancy novels, is suitably underplayed and the focus is more on What will defeat us is the lateralization of what had remained in a state of metaphoric That, however, was denied him, and the period of his journeyings was little else than a season of unsettlement and Before another hour had passed, the disclosure of the husband's sudden death was followed by the There for an hour or so in such agony of mind as is begotten only of A couple of hyperbatons here and there can help create more Now the wheel is turning towards romance and intrigue and back-stabbing in other settings, with game shows, Nuyorican Poets Cafe Short Story Slam winner Sierra Kay's new Although the special effects are fairly impressive, De Palma fails to generate any real Both in its structure and topography, this half of the book privileges delay, wandering, discursiveness, and ultimately Unfortunately, despite a certain amount of A variety of video effects, such as wipes and dissolves, can help generate a feeling of Menander was a skilful constructor of plots, an imaginative deviser of situations, and a master of variety and He just hoped that Faye would reply soon because the

I this suspense no longer can suffer.

Antonyms ... Imogen stood for a moment in a sweet and ingenuous state of suspense. 5. 4. Short Example Sentence for Suspense . Ludwig For Business The suspense was fearful to her for half an hour. For further inspiration, here are two other example sentences using similar tactics: ... There’s only one independent clause here—”We saw the crashed ship”—but there is the same kind of in-sentence suspense we saw in the Machado. suspense in a sentence - 27. Suspense definition is - the state of being suspended : suspension. Ludwig is the first sentence search engine that helps you write better English by giving you contextualized examples taken from reliable sources. Business

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