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Writers may trick readers by presenting a false protagonist … If only there was someone out there who could make you good.Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community.And that was my blog. If you remember from the trivia section, Hans represented the opposite of a lot of the good guys. Beast is there to brighten our moods. Oh but don't worry. Synonyms (Other Words) for Protagonist & Antonyms (Opposite Meaning) for Protagonist. — Huckleberry Finn.

Stories can have more than one protagonist. Usually this is the hero or heroine of the story. Hans' intentions begged to differ because he was willing to give Anna what she wanted, but only as a trick and for his own agenda. But for now, I am only going to focus on the main characters. He is nice-ish, but most of the time not very good with social skills when interacting with others, similar to my brother.

Although it hurt Anna and she even lashed out at her during the coronation, she was willing to make amends and try to get her relationship with Elsa unstrained. He is a little rude at first, mainly to Oaken for his pricing and Anna for her ridiculous idea of wanting to marry someone she met in one day. Here's how to pronounce protagonist: pro-tag-uh-nist. They back their perspective with the creative energy to achieve their goals. Hans however, did not forgive his brothers and wanted to gloat in their faces by becoming king somewhere else and just get his own selfish respect. The opposite of the protagonist is the antagonist: a character that opposes or thwarts the main character. But for now, I am only going to focus on the main characters. He, of course, used Anna's naively personality as the key to becoming king. Kristoff is not royalty or a hygienic person. Protagonists don't have to be the hero of the story or even be likable.

Not every villain may represent the opposite of a main character, I am just putting down some of the ones I have noticed the most for now.

Gaston: "Hey! Protagonist is a noun that refers to the main character of a literary work. Oh Hans. Anna is a really sweet peach who has suffered from loneliness after her older sister Elsa shuts her out. Not all stories that have protagonists also have antagonists.

Merriam-Webster’s Great Big List of Words You Love to HateTo save this word, you'll need to log in. Perhaps a good way to explore these characters is to examine their opposite — the protagonist. Hans, though appearing nice and polite on the outside, did not really care about Anna.

Ralph, if you are going to wreck something, wreck King Candy's horrible character.Hey guys.

She does neglect Anna, but she doesn't do it to hurt her feelings, she only does it to protect Anna from getting hurt from her ice powers again.

A protagonist is the central character in a story: the protagonist of Huckleberry Finn is — guess who? Protagonist and antagonist share the same ending, but they have opposite meanings. The dictionary has been scrambled—can you put i...Learn a new word every day. These warm, forthright types love helping others, and they tend to have strong ideas and values.

The protagonist and antagonist operate in a symbiotic relationship with one another.

one that is hostile toward another After noticing some of the trivia facts about how the villains represent the opposite of a main character, and thinking about how it represents the story, I have decided to write a blog on how the villain represents the dark opposite of our main character. If you have any request that you think I may have overlooked that you think should be here, I would be willing to put them down for you. The antagonist is the primary opponent of the protagonist, and the biggest obstacle standing between the main character and their goal. Then there's Elsa. I don't know if those trivia facts are still posted on the Disney wiki, but I am going to write it anyway.

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